Consumer Case Consulting Services for Attorneys

Whether you want a short cut in analyzing a client’s TILA disclosure statement, help identifying the best consumer claims to pursue, or assistance drafting a complaint or appellate brief, A CONSUMER LAWYER’s experts are ready to help. Our consulting services are easy to use and readily available, just an e-mail message or phone call away.

Our specialists keep up with the latest developments in the rapidly changing world of consumer law and can help you respond to the most current abuses facing your clients. A CONSUMER LAWYER can also help you raise powerful consumer law claims that can lead to greater compensation in your cases, providing you with an opportunity to more effectively address your clients’ interests and recover attorney’s fees at the same time.

Whether you are a consumer law specialist or a general practitioner handling an occasional consumer case, you will benefit from our services.

  • If you are an experienced consumer attorney, A CONSUMER LAWYER can save you valuable time by performing research and writing tasks, often at less expense than if you did it yourself.
  • If you are a new attorney, or just starting a consumer practice, A CONSUMER LAWYER can help you identify the best consumer law claims to pursue and help you develop the most up to date strategies for responding to issues in your cases.
  • If you are a solo or small firm practitioner, having access to our experienced staff will make you feel like part of a large firm.

Over the years, A CONSUMER LAWYER has consulted on thousands of consumer cases involving:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Truth in Lending Act
  • Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act
  • Consumer Leasing Act
  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Usury Laws
  • Odometer Laws
  • Energy/Utility Laws and Regulations
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • State Consumer Protection (UDAP) Statutes
  • Class Actions
  • Credit Discrimination
  • Credit Insurance Laws
  • Student Loan Laws

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