Car Accident · Personal Injury

How to Handle A Car Accident


The first thing you should do once you get in a car accident is to see if you are okay. Make sure that you did not sustain any serious injuries. If you did, call 9-1-1 immediately. If you are fine, proceed with the next step.


Check to see for any witnesses of the car accident. Although most people will simply see your car accident as a minor inconvenience and just drive around you and continue along with their daily tasks, finding anyone who can corroborate your story will be of great help. Stop the drivers who witnessed the car accident and kindly ask what they saw, as well as their contact information.


Once you’ve got some witnesses of the car accident, the next step is to keep the vehicles the way they are for now. Take some pictures of your car as well as the accident scene. These can come handy later when you explain to the police or auto insurance policy. After you’ve done this, clear way for other motorists to prevent traffic.


Inspect the damages done to your car as well as other vehicles that were involved. Depending on local law, some auto accidents can be settled without police involvement. You will still want to get the other person’s contact information, along with driver’s license and insurance policy regardless of your decision to settle with the car insurance or not.


Once you have gotten all of the contact information, proceed accordingly to your local by-laws or what you want to do about the car accident. You can contact your auto insurance company and let them know that you got in a car accident. If you just want to settle personally with the person involved with the car accident, you can do as you see fit or contact an auto accident lawyer.