Prom Season Prompts Crackdown on Teen Drinking in North Carolina

With the prom season rapidly approaching, police in North Carolina are planning a crackdown on underage drinking. They will be increasing enforcement efforts which means more kids can be cited for minor consumption of alcohol. Statistics demonstrate that approximately two out of five car accidents that take place on prom night involve the consumption of alcohol. While the focus will be on preventing drunk driving, other students who are not driving may be cited as well.

Motor vehicle traffic on high school prom nights will be closely monitored by the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and many local police departments, including those in Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro. They will also attempt to keep an eye on alcohol providers in order to minimize the availability of alcohol to underage drivers.

Drivers under 21 are subject to losing their driving privileges if they have consumed any alcohol at all–legal intoxication is not required. A recent spot check of adult alcohol providers in Orange County revealed that seven out of 40 businesses had sold liquor to underage purchasers. In some cases, they simply failed to adequately scrutinize identification presented by purchasers which may have been bogus or borrowed. Such practices make alcohol all too readily available to teenagers.

Teenagers make mistakes based on their age and lack of experience and maturity. While few would say that it is appropriate to drink when underage, kids are known to make mistakes. Increased patrols, spot checks, and roadblocks will inevitably result in more young people being cited for underage drinking. In some cases, they may also face charges for DUI as well. Parents confronted with this reality may want to obtain legal assistance for their sons and daughters to protect their futures and make sure that one youthful mistake does not ruin their lives. If you or a loved one is caught up in a circumstance involving drinking and driving, it may be in your best interests to contact the finest Baltimore DUI Lawyers out there.

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