State Plans to Reduce Car Wrecks on Louisiana Highway

There are certain conditions that make some stretches of road more dangerous than others. Louisiana’s Highway 90, located on the westbank of the state, is one of those perilous roadways.

Sources report that the danger on Highway 90 stems primarily from the fact that that stretch of road is populated by a great number of trucks on a daily basis. The road goes through an area where two landfills, a marina and multiple Corps of Engineers projects are located.

Some Louisiana drivers complain that the trucks drive irresponsibly, as if they own the roadway. Drivers claim some truckers drive too fast and fail to grant the right of way to other cars on the highway.

The 6 mile stretch of Highway has no traffic signals, a fact that some identify as another prime culprit leading to the 800 accidents and 4 deaths that have taken place on Highway 90 in the past 4 years.

A lack of traffic lights is not helped by the high number of U-turn openings within the short stretch that do not have a proper turning lane. Drivers who need to turn around basically hold their breath and hope that traffic behind them will see their turn signal in time to go around the stopped vehicle.

As you can likely imagine, with the average speed on that highway being above 55mph, drivers do not always see the car in time and cause serious car wrecks. State authorities in Louisiana are waking up to this danger on Highway 90 and plan to address the problem of the dangerous U-turn setup by eliminating 8 of the openings.

Some Louisiana drivers, including employees from a landfill on the Highway 90 stretch, feel that traffic lights are needed to further increase driver safety in the area. The state has no current plans, however, to accommodate that recommendation.

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