Toyota Recall: Two Die in Fatal Car Accident

Toyota has had three recalls in the past three years that have affected millions of vehicles and consumers. These particular recalls surround defective gas pedals and accelerators that would sometimes cause cars to speed up on their own.

In the past ten years, there have been over 3,000 reported car accidents related to sudden acceleration in Toyotas. Recently, another car accident occurred that took the lives of two individuals, the driver and his son’s fiancée. They, along with two others, the driver’s wife and their son, were traveling in a 2008 Camry when they crashed into a wall.
Michigan auto accident lawyer is working with Toyota to determine whether a faulty accelerator was the cause of the crash. It is not certain at this point, but according to witnesses it appeared that the driver attempted to brake but could not. There was nothing that pointed to faulty brakes.

There is no concrete information at this point as to whether the driver had complied with the two initial recalls for his Camry. According to the report, he did however respond to the third recall and brought his car in to be repaired. If the investigation finds that his car was in fact repaired, this raises concerns about whether Toyota’s repairs are safe.

For the two survivors, they may have a claim against Toyota if the crash was caused by a defective accelerator. At this point, the article states only that the two suffered injuries from the crash; the extent of the injuries remains unknown and isn’t disclosed by their detroit personal injury lawyers.

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